Monk Montgomery

Statement of Purpose

The Las Vegas Jazz Society's purpose is to provide an opportunity for those who appreciate jazz, to meet, exchange ideas, participate in common objectives and share their common interest in jazz music. 

LVJS shall promote a wider appreciation for jazz by sponsoring, staging or arranging live performances by jazz musicians at concerts, festivals, dining establishments/clubs, jam sessions and other venues. 

A primary goal of LVJS is to foster a greater understanding of jazz by young people through promoting the teaching and performance of jazz in all schools. And, by assisting as much as possible in the planning and staging of jazz concerts or festivals as may be initiated within the school system and other educational facilities.


2017 Las Vegas Jazz Society Board of Directors

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Judy Tarte

Adam Schroeder

Jim Corwin

Executive Board

Chuck Carter

Jonathan Karrant

Maggie Mancuso

Rick Vittallo

Advisory Board

Pete Barbutti

Dave Loeb

Lorraine Hunt Bono

Gus Mancuso

Tom Hall

Carl Saunders

LVJS will also endeavor, within their means, to provide scholarships to deserving students who wish to further their knowledge and skill in the field of jazz music. 

Finally, LVJS shall cooperate and correspond with other organizations having cultural interests in common in order to preserve and also develop our cultural heritage; whenever feasible, LVJS will enter jointly with such organizations to produce special events.